Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great is His Faithfulness

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Photo: Some mornings you just don't care if your son wants to wear a diamond sweater vest, your girls are wearing swim suits in the winter and your 2 year old insists on wearing his dragon costume (and throwing a fit about it all at the same time) .. Oh and definitely didn't notice the bow in Luke's hair until after I took the picture #crazykids

These last several years have been difficult.

Unemployment, husband not walking with Jesus, trying to sell a house,  husband going back to school, having a third baby, husband becomes a Christian, selling a house, moving, having my fourth baby in three years, job change for my husband, moving again-this time away from friends and family, beginning home schooling in a new town, starting a new church, having baby number five, and now trying to balance being a wife, mother, homeschooler, and friend.

As I'm sure you can imagine it's been just a little stressful. Obviously people have walked through much worse, but it's been stressful nonetheless. .

However, if I hadn't gone through these things I never would have experienced the peace of knowing that God is in complete control. That He is sovereign.

There have been so many times in the last few years that I've felt at the end of my rope. I just couldn't see how things were possibly going to get better. There have been many times I've felt incredibly lonely, either because I hadn't made any friends yet, or because I felt alone in some of the trials we were walking through.

But God has been so incredibly faithful, friends. I look back on all the ways that he has faithfully provided in every possible way-from finances, to rest to an encouraging word, and I am completely amazed.

Many of the ways that he has provided for us has been through other people. Our family has been incredibly helpful during all of this. There have also been many times, especially when Erik was in school, that people would randomly leave diapers on our front step, or leave anonymous envelopes of cash in our mail box. Twice now complete strangers have paid for my groceries at the grocery store- just because they saw me with my kids and wanted to do something kind for us.

 Since we've moved loneliness has been a pretty big struggle for me, yet even in that struggle there have been encouraging cards and emails from friends in my old town, and new friendships starting to form here. God has been showing me that He is the only one who can fill me, even though I still fight it and try to find my joy in other things.

I realize that these won't be the only trials we ever walk through. There will be plenty more refining, and we will make plenty of mistakes in the years to come.

However, it's good to write some of this down and remember how faithful God has been,  so that I can know how faithful he will continue to be in the years to come.

If you are walking through a difficult trial or season of life, take heart. God is good and he will faithfully carry you through those times.

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  1. Your kiddies must be very close in age if you had four in three years! It is tough in the young years, and I am sure there will be different struggles as they grow older, but I always think, what a blast they will have all together as 'teens'! (I am one of those weirdo's who look forward to my children's 'teen' years) Mine are about 18 months apart each. Three babies in four years basically. We will be moving away from our home city in three weeks, and I am so glad to know it is God's will, and I can rest in that =) He is faithful, always a good reminder for us wayward, forgetful children.

  2. I can so relate to much of what you said! Also like you, through it all loneliness has been my greatest struggle. Thank goodness that we have the comfort of our Jesus! Thanks for sharing honestly.

  3. Racheal,

    Yes they are very close in age. My first two are 12 months apart, and Lily( 3rd child) came along when Jack was 2.5 and Anna was 17 months. When Max was born Jack was about 2 months away from turning 4, Anna was 2, and Lily was 16 months. Between Jack(my oldest) and Luke(my youngest) is 5 years. We definitely get a lot of looks wherever we go, and it's exhausting sometimes but also such a blessing! :) Good luck with your move, it's so encouraging to hear your heart for trusting God!


    Thank you for sharing, and for your encouragement. You're right, our only true comfort comes from the Lord. :)

  4. <3 Sorry I'm not better about notes and e-mails!!! Know that I'm right there in the trenches with you. And Love the printables!!!!

  5. I miss when my 5 were all little and were all home:) We didn't live near family either - and as you know - it takes about a year for those community relationships to kick in - but just like you said - God was faithful every step of the way! Sweet kids you have there:) Wishing you blessing, refreshing and laughter at just the right time this week!

  6. Gina,

    Honestly just knowing you're in the trenches with me is very encouraging! :)


    Thank you for your kind encouragement, your comment really blessed me this afternoon! :)


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