Friday, July 9, 2010

5 months

Lily Faith turned five months old yesterday! Time sure is flying, and before I know she won't be a little baby anymore(*sniffle*). Lily is one of the sweetest baby's I've been around, in fact I can only think of two others who were as sweet as her(hmm wonder who they are?!) But seriously, Lily is a very happy and content little lady. She's not usually too fussy(so long as she's on her routine) and most of the time is all smiles and squeals.

Anna and Jack really love her. Anna likes to "hold" her, and they both think its fun to bring her toys. Just this morning when I was getting ready to lay her down, Anna came up to me and started asking to kiss Lily. Well that started Jack wanting to give Lily kisses, so for about ten minutes they were cracking up about kissing her. And Lily most definitely enjoyed the attention she got from her bubby and sissy.

She rolls really well now, and she reaches for objects. It cracks me up when she starts to reach for a toy she gets this look of serious concentration. She is still nursing exclusively, and not quite sleeping through the night, but I think she would be if I could get the courage to move her to Jack and Anna's room. She did sleep through the night in Florida, but she also rarely was able to take a nap down there! She has sat up for a little bit by holding herself up with her hand, and she gets a big kick out of standing.

Anyway just for fun and out of my curiosity who do you think Lily looks more like? That's Jack at the top and Anna at the bottom.

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  1. I think she looks more like Anna in these pics!


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