Friday, October 4, 2013

Boys and Their...Argyle Sweaters?

We're pretty laid back around here when it comes to the clothes the kids wear. As long as it's clean, and we're not going somewhere like Church, then anything basically goes.

I will admit though that sometimes I absolutely cringe when I see Anna walking around in polka dot pants and striped dresses, and roll my eyes over Lily wearing yet another Easter or Christmas dress around the house. 


Oh boy, however, it's really not anything compared to my dear sweet six year old and his strange love of "diamond shirts."-That's what Jack call them, anyways. :)

Yes, even in the summer he will insist on wearing the sweater vest without a shirt on under it, because he just really likes wearing it.

Recently a friend gave us a bunch of boys clothes, and despite there being a lot of Super hero shirts, and handsome button up shirts, he was over joyed to discover that there was yet another diamond shirt in the pile. :)

Oh well at least he enjoys dressing up! :)

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  1. Precious! He is an individual and proud of it!!!


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