Monday, June 27, 2011

Moses on Sesame Street

Yesterday during lunch Erik was reviewing with Jack and Anna their Sunday School lessons. We hadn't been to Sunday School in at least three weeks, so there were several stories to go over. We went over Noah, Elijah, Ezra, and Moses and then asked the kids questions about the stories we'd just read. 

Well the kids weren't acting as if they were retaining any of the information they had been given. You know we'd ask,"Who did God tell to build a boat?" And Jack or Anna would either just look at us blankly or say, "Jesus!" because when in doubt, and your discussing the Bible, Jesus is a always a safe answer, right?

The day continued in its usual fashion, and last night before bed time Anna wanted to read an Elmo book she has. We sat down to read, but when we turned to a page with Oscar the Grouch on it she held her hand over the page and studied him closely. Then she exclaimed, "It's MOSES!"

I guess we know she was at least *sort of* listening during lunch. :)

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