Sunday, May 29, 2011

Counting my Blessings

I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted! Life has become very busy between twice a week doctors appointments(I have gestational diabetes, so I virtually live at the doctor's office the last two months of pregnancy) and trying to stay on top of house work, training and loving my kiddos, and spending time with Erik. Tomorrow I'm *hoping* to post some pictures from the last week, and maybe, if you're lucky(ha!), I'll post a picture of myself at 9 months pregnant ;). But we'll see.

Anyways it's been an emotional week for me, but not because anything bad has happened necessarily. I'm simply struggling with waiting on the Lord's timing for different things in my life. In light of that fact, I thought I'd follow in Ann Voskamp's foot steps and write out some of the blessings of the last week.

1. Watching Jack and Anna pretend sticks are everything from swords to horses.

2. Jack getting excited about having another little boy come over so they could "fight the bad guys with their swords."

3. Hearing the kids pray for the new baby.

4. Seeing Lily fold her hands to pray before dinner.

5. A husband who pushed a double stroller with two kids in it while carrying his little girl on his shoulders to ensure that all his kids got to see the animals at the zoo, and making sure I wasn't overdoing things in the process.

6. Being reminded we go through trials not because God has forgotten us, but because he loves us.

7. Surprising the kids with a snack of doughnuts and chocolate milk.

8. A tornado warning that never turned into anything other than the loss of power for a few hours.

9. Nightly date nights on the couch with my husband catching up on some of our favorite tv shows(we love hulu at our house!)

10. Being able to listen to an excellent sermon on the way home from the doctor.

11. Getting one on one time with each child before the new baby arrives.


  1. It definitely helps me to count my blessings! I love your list! Your children are precious!

  2. Smiled when I read your "about me" we did the 3 in three years as well...and then added 2 more...but not quite as quickly as your #4...You have cute little ones :)
    Love all the sword fighting :)

  3. I loved the Habbakuk series! I'll be praying for you all over the next few weeks!


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