Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Mischievous Little Girl

Do not let the adorable little girl in the above picture fool you. Beneath that heart melting grin lurks a mischievous and curious toddler. Lest you think to yourself, "But that's how all toddlers are!" let me give you a small idea of what she's like. For example in the last week she has dumped trash into the toilet, put her toys in the toilet water and stirred them with a giant spoon like she was making soup, and climbed into Lily's swing while it was still on. In fact just today she has stolen Erik's sunkist, took my phone when I was in another room and called her Papa, and dumped clean towels into the dogs water bowl(and yes it did have water in it!). Anna is so curious that her Memaw has given her the nickname George! She actually got that nickname when she was staying with them while I was having Lily and she figured out a way to reach out of her crib and take apart my mother in laws picture frames. While she was suppose to be taking her nap.

It cracks me up to no end that when I was pregnant with her people used to tell me they were so happy I was having a little girl since boys are so much more of a handful. My parents were not one of them, though. They just laughed and said I was way more of a handful than my older brother. She's very smart too. Erik and I will get fooled into thinking she's entertaining herself, or engrossed in a video and we'll go do something else. Within a few minutes we'll hear a crash, or we'll hear Jack say something like,"No No , Sissy!" To add to her cuteness she's really tiny and a big "talker". She loves to" help" with Lily by covering her with all the blankets she can find and then ripping them off.

Yes Anna might be a bit of a handful.I do believe the saying, "It's a good thing your cute." was invented specifically for her. It's so crazy that a year ago we were worried about some developmental delays she was having, and now she's this busy into everything toddler. She must be making up for lost time! It's so sweet to already see in her so many girlish tendencies. When I'm making dinner she must have her "bowl"(measuring cup) and her spoon. Oftentimes she'll come up to Erik or I and have us put on her apron her Nana got her for Christmas. It's such fun watching her and Jack interact, they are definitely eachother's best friend.

Life with Anna keeps all of us on our toes, and keeps her Daddy and I spending a little extra time each day praying for her safety! I'm so thankful the Lord has entrusted her(and all our kids, obviously) to train her up for His Glory.

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  1. Lol, yes, it is surprising to think about how she wasn't doing much of anything...even less than a year ago!!! Maybe you had that time to make you more thankful for these getting into everything times and less...stressed? Annoyed? Anything else you might be over it! lol


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