Monday, August 12, 2013

The Smoothie Olympics

Oh yes, we have a smoothie Olympics. What, you've never heard of one before? It's pretty exciting let me tell you!

See after the olympics last year, the kids were all into playing the "Olympo-mics"(as Lily would call them), and I'd randomly see kids in their bathing suits jumping off the couch(the diving board) and into the "water"(the carpet.)

Obviously since they loved the Olympics so much, I had to think of fun ways to incorporate them in our daily lives. So one Sunday when I was frantically hurrying, er,  graciously encouraging my kids to finish their smoothies before Church this idea popped into my head. And without really thinking about it I declared that we were going to have a "smoothie olympics", and that whoever won would later receive a gold medal. I'm really not sure why I do these things to myself, since I'm really not what many would call "creative", and I wouldn't even know where to begin in making a gold medal(but thankfully I'm married to a pretty creative person..)

Anyways, that was just the push they needed, and suddenly everyone was drinking their smoothies as fast as they could. It was such a big success that every time I make smoothies, a smoothie Olympics takes place.

Erik thinks we're giving them permanent brain freeze at the rate they down their drinks. Regardless, I'm happy to have  yet another fun way to get something healthy into their systems!

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  1. I think you are VERY creative. Maybe not crafty (I remember you making a card at a Stampin Up party!) but VERY creative! What a neat idea, Smoothie Olympics!


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