Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It's been awhile since I last wrote down some of the funny things my kids are saying, so I thought I might need to do that before I forget!

Max is starting to talk up a storm, and with that he is also exerting some of his will now. Fights over toys break out frequently as he learns to communicate with his siblings. But the other day he had done something to Lily and I was telling him he needed to say he was sorry and give her a hug, and he goes,"Sowee, Pop!"(we call her Lily-pop.) And then he says to me,"I DID IT, Mommy!!"


Jack came up to me the other day and says,"Mommy, I think you're a genius!"

And I'm all flattered of course, and say,"Really? Wow, thanks, buddy!"

And you can just see the wheels turning in his little mind, and finally he asks,"Wait, what's a genius?"

"It's someone who's really smart!"

"Oh. Well, actually I don't think you're a genius. But I think you're a really good mommy....and very pretty too." Umm thanks, I think?! :)


While driving to a cookout earlier this month...

"Are you guys excited to go have some yummy food and kool-aid?"

"What's kool- aid, mommy?" Jack asks.

And before I can answer Anna chimes in,"It's like Kombucha, Jack!"


What funny things have your kids been saying lately?

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  1. Oh my goodness, TOO funny! Laughed out loud about the kombucha kool-aid! HAHA! My almost 3 year old loves "kombootha". I need to do a blog post about some of the funny things they say. I try to write them down in their baby books, but I inevitably forget something.


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