Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Farewell, Old Friend

Oh, Froggie. You have been with Jack since he was a baby. You were with us before Jack was even born, and Jack has lovingly tak care of you for the last almost six years.

You were there when Jack was sick. You were there when Jack had a bad dream. You went on every single road trip and vacation we went on. And sleep absolutlely could not happen unless you were right there with Jack.

We tried to replace you once. Jack was so inconsolable about it(I suppose he got used to your..smell..ahem..) that we gave up trying.

You were even the cause of some fights.

In many ways you were part of our family.

But, three weeks ago Jack came to Erik and I and told us he didn't want you anymore. And while a part of me was relieved that we no longer had to worry about taking you everywhere with us, I'll admit I was a little sad to see you go.

Jack is growing up, and as much as I'd like to slow the clock down and keep him little, I know that wouldn't do anyone any good. So it was with great sentiment that we boxed you up. Because even though you won't be part of our daily life anymore, you will always have a special place in our hearts.

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