Friday, November 11, 2011



May of 2009 we experienced two huge unexpected events. The first was my husband getting laid off. The second was finding out I was pregnant with our third child. It would be our third baby, and my oldest was only 21 months. We were scared out of our minds, and incredibly stressed.

That summer was a time of growth and learning to trust God to provide for our needs. Then another unexpected event happened. God opened the doors for my husband to go back to school. It seemed crazy at the time. We had been hoping and praying for a way for him to go back to school, but didn't figure there was any way since we still owned our home, and no one was looking to buy it. 

But God had other plans, and now two years after one of the most significant trials I've experienced so far, I can see how God used all these situations to sanctify us. And not only that, but show us how much He loves us and will supply all our needs. 

I didn't expect to spend the last two years praying for God to provide for each bill we had come our way. I never expected to add two more children to our family during this very stressful time. But I'm so thankful God is sovereign. He never promises to gives us more than we can handle, but He does give us grace to handle each situation that comes our way. 


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  1. Amen....I'd say you have weathered the unexpected with grace!

  2. Amen! It is such a blessing to rest in His sovereignty!


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