Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Only Lily

Only Lily would whine to get out of her chair and then as soon as she's put down climb back in it.

Only Lily would refuse to drink her milk at the table, but want her cup as soon as she gets down.

Only Lily would lay her baby down in her little brother's bassinet and "shh" me when I walk in the room to lay her little brother down.

Only Lily would rip open a bag of flour, and try to use a golf club to help sweep it up.

Only Lily would climb on top of the kitchen table and into her brother's bumbo chair in the time span of 30 seconds.

Only Lily would insist on wearing Jack's bicycle helmet for the entire time we played outside this morning.

Yes Lily is a little bit of a handful at times, but she sure does keep life entertaining!

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