Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Random Tidbits(Because that's what I do...)

The last few days I've been trying to think of something good to write, but my brain has been mush. Mommy brain epitomized. However tonight as I was getting ready to go to bed I thought I'd share a few random things going on in my life.

1. Jack and Lily are becoming quite the cute pair. Jack and Anna are already adorable together, but until the last couple of weeks he hasn't paid much attention to her. Now he talks to her and brings her toys, and she coos and smiles at him.

2. Anna still thinks Lily is a doll. For the most part she doesn't pay whole lot of attention to her, but when she does she quickly pats her on the belly and calls Lily her baby and impishly walks off. Cracks. me. up.

3. This past week we have virtually lived outside. I love Spring! And as an added bonus the kids sleep longer during nap time because all that fresh air wears them out. Makes me love spring time all the more.

4. I was brave today and took all three kids out to the grocery store. During lunch time. I am that crazy. And you know what? Shopping carts were not exactly invented for three kids who still need to ride in a cart. To the kids credit they were all wonderful. Jack and Anna thought it was great fun getting to ride together in the basket of the cart. Other people at the store were pretty funny observing me with all my children. Makes me want to wear a T shirt that says, "Children are a Blessing. Yes we know how they are made." But I suppose that might be a little blunt.

5. I am loving having the go ahead to exercise again! Most mornings before everyone gets up I am on the treadmill and it has been wonderful. It's a much better energy booster than coffee. Not that I've given up coffee, but the combination has given me so much more energy.

6. Finally,(although now I'm thinking of a million other things to share!) I found a new sugar cookie recipe that has been a huge hit with my little family. Especially my husband. The almond extract gives them a tasty twist. Here is the recipe if you are interested.

Oh yeah and one more thing. My wonderful mom bought Anna a Dora the Explorer DVD, and we love it! I think Dora might be the least obnoxious cartoon the kids have. If you have kids definitely check it out. Although it is a little hilarious to hear your two year old saying, "Buenos Dias!"

All right that's everything for now! Thanks to the lovely Gina for the inspiration!


  1. hehehe..I LOVE #4...and now that I can screen print we could actually do that!!!! ;) hehehe

  2. Hey Jess...I'm with #4 and that tee shirt! Just found your blog and have enjoyed your ramblings and pictures!


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