Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby 3 update

I am right around five weeks from my due date! I know I can't believe it, this pregnancy has gone by so fast. I have already informed my husband that any more children we have, we must try to have them be born in the winter, because between holidays and birthdays I have barely had time to remember I'm pregnant. Ok that might not be completely true, but you get my point.

I am right around 33 weeks pregnant, and at my last ultra sound baby was a little more than 3 pounds. The baby is very active, so active in fact I'm a little nervous about if it's going to be a hyper toddler. Erik and I were laughing today about how when I was pregnant with Jack he was pretty active, and he is most definitely a busy boy, and Anna was never all that active and she's our little sleepy head. So I'm thinking there are some personality traits you can already see from the womb!

We do not know what we are having, we like to be surprised, and we keep going back and forth on what we think the baby is. I am really excited to see how this baby is received by Jack and Anna, though I have little doubt it will be a somewhat difficult transition. I well remember having to get used to having a thirteen month old and a newborn(since you know it was only a little over a year ago!) and I don't imagine things being any easier this time around. But it will pass, and before long we won't even remember life before we became a family of five. That's one of the benefits of having children so close together, they are pretty adaptable!

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