Friday, February 18, 2011

Things I didn't Believe

Despite the fact that people told me otherwise, there have been many times in the last few years where I've wondered if my kids were ever going to reach certain milestones.

Things like..

1. Your baby will be here before you know it.

2. Those sleepless nights with a newborn won't last forever.

3. Your baby will walk when she's ready.

4. It doesn't matter that Jack is three and not potty trained, he will be eventually(when HE'S ready.)

And wouldn't you know? All those things did happen, just like everyone told me. So it has me thinking. Maybe when those older women stop me in the grocery store and remind me to enjoy my babies while they're young, because these days will be over before I know it, I should listen. Maybe I shouldn't just laugh to myself and wonder if those ladies really remember how hard it is to have little kids.

Because wouldn't you know? I actually look back at some of the times I was waiting for my kids to reach certain milestones, and miss those days.

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