Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One of Those Days

We've been having some nasty, cold weather here in Illinois, and while I enjoy snow I don't always enjoy staying inside day in and day out with three wild children. Today especially I've been feeling a bit stir crazy. What's a mommy to do when she just doesn't have the energy to continue breaking up fights and reading the same books over and over? Well it's quite simple really.

Step 1. Stand children on chairs next to counter top.

Step 2. Dig out your food coloring, sprinkles, and spoon. Spoon some frosting into bowls and give it to children.

Step 3. Tell them to have fun.

Step 4. Be prepared to have a big mess, but remind yourself they're having fun and making memories.

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  1. Fabulous idea!! I completely understand those days :)


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