Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I've not had time to blog in the last week, but I wanted to share some funny things my kids have been saying in the last few days.

Jack's foot fell asleep the other day and he was so surprised he asked,"Mommy, will you please take my toes off?!" Don't get me wrong, having your foot fall asleep is uncomfortable but I still think taking off toes goes a little too far.

When Anna goes potty like a big girl she stands up proud as can be claps and exclaims,"Yay, Jack!"

During a rain storm the other day Jack looked out the window and declared,"Oh, Anna, look! The clouds are cryin'!"

While Jack is rocking his stuffed frog to sleep he suddenly says very gently to Froggie,"Aww, Froggie is so cute!"

Jack loves to play superhero now, but the only way he can be a superhero is when he is wearing a cape. The other day he says,"It's Super Jack!" and then a little later his cape fell off, and he goes,"Jack's just a regular boy now."

One of my personal favorite Jackisms is when he lifts up his shirt and says,"Ab Wipper Ex!" in this really deep voice. He's suppose to be saying, Ab Ripper X from the p90x workout videos, but he doesn't quite pronounce his R's yet.

There is plenty more that that the kids say and do that crack us up, but for now those are the favorite quotes that come to mind.

What funny things have your children said or done lately?

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