Friday, June 4, 2010

Why yes we do eat off a Chalkboard...

Sometimes I forget that our dining room table is a tad unusual..

Awhile back we realized we needed a new table, but since we have a tight budget a new table was not in the cards for us.

My husband was looking around on the internet and came across an idea for a chalkboard table. He figured he could use parts of our old table and paint some plywood with chalkboard paint. It's really important to Erik that he makes stuff that not only looks cool, but is also something fun and unique for the kids. We get some pretty strange looks from people when they come over...

When Erik first suggested this idea, I was a little leary. I didn't want it to look goofy, but not only is it fun for the kids, the table looks really nice when its all washed! We joke that since we are planning on homeschooling, we'll never have to invest in a chalkboard since we already have one!


  1. Wow, what a neat idea!! I bet that keeps your little ones busy too!

  2. hehehee...I hadn't thought about the homeschooling...just work out your math problems on the table!

  3. Erik is so-o-o-o creative! And is that a can of your beloved Clorox wipes on the table?!!!


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